You Need an Entrepreneur Coach!

November 9, 2007 § Leave a comment

An entrepreneur coach or a business coach could be the missing element in your success. You believe you have researched enough or have studied enough in the particular business you are in. You have been apprenticed or you got your hands dirty so to speak.

But somehow you feel there is still something missing. You thought you had everything covered yet after a mistake you always say to yourself, “Why didn’t I see that before?”

My answer is simple. You cannot see everything. As long as you are leading your business, you see the trees but not the forest. Or, you are like a boxer in the ring. You feel the fight but you cannot see everything your opponent is doing. You cannot observe every move because you are too close.

The coach outside the ring can observe better. He can yell at the boxer and tell him what combinations might work or what defense might work.

Another thing a boxing coach does is help train the boxer for the upcoming fight. He makes sure that the athlete is focused on the goal. He analyzes the opponent with the boxer. he makes sure that there is a training plan and he helps the boxer to stick to the plan.

Above all the coach stretches the limits of the boxer. The coach always believes that the athlete can be better so the coach pushes him beyond his limits.

Coaching applies in business too. Do you have a coach?

I am sure that you are so talented that you can do it on your own but the process can be faster with a coach.

By Ed Pilapil Jr. ©


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