Motivation Factor: A Plus for Entrepreneurs

November 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

What is the motivation factor?

It is simply adding motivation to self and others especially during an endeavor be it business or otherwise.

There is no substitute to planning your work and working your plan. This is a given in any life, career or business. Without plan and work, there can be no progressive success.

But there is another factor that should be in the equation, motivation.

Motivation is the plus factor that can give meaning to work. And meaning is something that all of us must have or else, work can be a drag.

Like spice and salt, it adds flavor and excitement. Who wants to eat food without taste?

Come to think of it, we do not need taste in food for it to be nutritious. But why do we take so much effort to cook or buy food that tastes good and looks good?

We seek satisfaction not only for survival but also for our emotions! Good food somehow makes us happy.

Work can be tiring and it can be a drag. If you are not inspired in your work then you are probably one of the most miserable people in the world.

Yes, I am exaggerating.

My point is, most people spend most of their time awake at work. If one is not inspired at work then he is probably not happy most of the time that is.

Business should be fun! An entrepreneur not having fun is missing half of the experience.

Motivation helps strengthen the will to do better. I think there is no question about this.

Compare two people with equal talent, knowledge and skill. One is highly motivated, the other is not. Who do you think will do a better job?

A businessman who is motivated will always beat the other businessman who is not motivated. One way or the other the motivated person catches up.

Are you a motivated entrepreneur?

By Ed Pilapil Jr. ©


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