Encourage Your Team to Love Learning

November 15, 2007 § Leave a comment

Encourage your team to love learning because a team who does will surpass their present capabilities. Learning new things and relearning foundational principles help a lot in a team’s motivation.

  1. Books, books, books
  2. Send them to seminars
  3. Practice Mentoring and Coaching
  4. Make the senior officers teach them
  5. Go formal education

Books, books, books
If your team does not love to read, you can be sure that they will not reach full potential. Fresh ideas, encouraging stories, and an alternative perspective can really motivate an individual. Have a list of required reading.

Send them to seminars
Sending your team to seminars always increases their level of motivation. Since the heart often loses motivation, it would be a good strategy to have them attend regular seminars. You may send them to a public seminar or hold an in-house seminar.

Practice Mentoring and Coaching
A mentor is more knowledgeable and experienced compared to his apprentice, while a coach is skilled in helping the subject define his goals, stay focused, and give honest feedback. Mutual-menotring and mutual coaching can really help the team learn from each other. Another option is to bring a mentor or coach from the outside.

Make the senior officers teach them
Nothing beats a teaching leader. This gives the team members a certain confidence. Their leader knows what he is doing. He has the experience and he is imparting it to everyone.

Go formal education
Depending on the relevance, the company may sponsor some team members to formal education. It is easier today because of information technology. There are some colleges that offer online degrees.

It is our duty as entrepreneurs to strengthen our team. One of the best ways is to inculcate in them the love for learning. A powerful team is a knowledgeable team.



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