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December 26, 2007 § 1 Comment

Seminar Topics

Do you want to see your organization in high motivation mode? Do you want to develop a positive culture? Do you want teams that deliver results? If your answer is yes, yes and yes then you need motivational seminars or training that can energize your organization? Please read the partial list below. If you have a topic that you want to request that is not found on the list, please make the request by leaving a note below.

Culture of Excellence
The first step to a culture of excellence is to understand it. That means every member of the team has the same concept and standard of what is excellent.

Success and Values
Success and values are very much connected to each other. Instead of just focusing on the results, the team should also focus on values that bring about the results.

Integrity in the Workplace
Integrity is not just about morality. It is also about integration. It is about having a unified, well integrated team.

Creating a Positive Environment
Each team player can contribute to a positive environment, an environment that feels good to work in.

Speak with Confidence
Communicate your thoughts with confidence and clarity. Overcome the fear of speaking before small groups or large crowds.

Building Your Self-Image
Reflect an aura of cleanliness, confidence, concern and happiness that will gain you respect, recognition and opportunities.

A Happiness Centered Business
The workplace can be a happy place if there are efforts to make it such without sacrificing the deliverables.

Motivation for Financial Freedom
The road to financial freedom begins with strong motivation. Increase your worthy reasons, increase your motivation.

Become a Person or Company of Significance
Significance is the value we give to others. It is the memory we leave in the hearts we touch.

How to Practice Mutual – Coaching
You can practice mutual-coaching if you are willing to improve yourself through the feedback of others and, if you are willing to help others improve.

Strengthen Your Teamwork
Teamwork can never be overrated. No one can do it alone. There is always someone else who helped, assisted, supported, advised, encouraged, and more. All success is about teams who pulled together.

Continuous Learning in the Workplace
Small companies may not be able to afford educating their employees as some big companies do. But they can run a continuous learning program. That is one of the best ways to empower your team.

Team Motivation
Talent and skill is not enough for a team to soar. Talent and skill withmotivation can produce amazing results.

Developing Inner Strength
Never allow anyone or any environment to affect you negatively. Develop yourinner strength and you will be able to influence your environment in apositive way.

The Extraordinary Life
The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that littleextra.

How to Deal with Failure
Failure can be the end of you if you allow it to. But if you learn to riseabove it, failure is not the end! Deal with it by learning from it andmoving on.

Motivation Factor
Motivation is always a plus factor to yourself and the others around. Useit to increase your potential.

Law of the Farm
Sow, nurture, and reap – this is the law of the farm – you sow what youreap. Sow good seed to others, nurture it, one day will reap it.

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