Try Crazy

October 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

The most common strategy employed by many entrepreneurs is benchmarking.  Find what works for others and copy it.    If you cannot copy then hire experts who are good at copying.  Let them guide us in our implementation because we must do it to the dot.  Some entrepreneurs follow this like a religion. Do not take the initiative.  Do not innovate, that is risky.  Somebody else might copy us, right?

If everybody thought this way, we would still be stuck in the dark ages.  Do not question the religion in power or else, “Heretic! Off with his head!”  Some business owners actually sound the same.  If you dare innovate, you will hear a yell (figuratively), “Heretic!”

The world changed because there were people who could not stand the status quo.  They despised the present standards of their time.  Change must happen!

Do not get me wrong.  Benchmarking can work well for some entrepreneurs.  Doing business under the shadow of the giants seems safe.  By all means, we must learn from each other.  Find what is suitable, absorb it and puke the rest. But if you are an entrepreneur who does not want to be under anyone’s shadow.  Do something else.

Forget benchmarking for a while.  Try crazy.  Think crazy, outrageous ideas.

Carriage without a horse?  Personal computers?  That sounded strange decades ago.  One day mail delivery?  Who needs it.  A coffee for $3?  Outrageous!  A movie screen 3-4 times bigger than the regular theater screen?  And pay 3 times more?  It won’t work.  Phones in our pockets?  With camera?  With email?  Impossible!  But nay!  We have them today.

Some “nutcase” thought it, was willing to sound ridiculous, yet dared, then wow!

Their inventions stood out.  Why?   They were different.  Crazy.  But now, they are the status quo.  We need crazy again.

As an entrepreneur, I ask myself, “Are my ideas outrageous enough?”

I want to be an expert on Crazy.

© Ed Pilapil Jr.  2010


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