Ignore Feedback and Your Business is Dead!

October 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Once in a while, a waiter would ask me to fill up a feedback form.  Most of the time I politely decline.  I declined to participate, not because I was annoyed but because I had no complain about the food or service. However, if I do have a complain, I do not need any prodding from the waiter to write my comments.

The feedback forms, by the way, are nicely printed in glossy paper, at least for most restaurants.  And the questions seem to be crafted very well.  These companies put a lot of money into this.

Some restos like TGIF goes beyond the feedback form.  The servers ask directly, “Sir, how is the food?  Would you like some sauces for that? Is the mix of your drink the way you like it?  I can have it changed if you like?”

I received a call from a representative of Rapide asking, “Good morning Sir!  We would like to inquire about the service of our people at Rapide.  Is your right front window functioning properly now?  Were our people courteous?”

No, I do not find this annoying. For me, it is better than writing on a form.

In both cases, TGIF and Rapide, I felt important.  I do appreciate their efforts.  These companies are concerned about their customers and the manner their people are serving their customers. Because I feel important, I keep coming back.

Big business invests millions to get the honest feedback of their customers.  Why?  That is the best way to improve.  Know what the customers want and give it to them.   If an enterprise can give what delights the customer, they will keep coming back and keep paying for it.

The entrepreneur cannot afford to be sensitive.  He must ask for feedback.  She must ask for comments.  He must ask for criticism.  She must ask for the truth.  An entrepreneur who is hyper sensitive to criticism should develop inner strength fast.  An entrepreneur must swallow his ego and fulfill the purpose why the enterprise exists, to serve customers.

Otherwise, customers will not like you and maybe, they will avoid you, which means they will no longer buy.  Entrepreneurs should show customers how important their feedback is.  If you ignore the sentiments of your customers, it is just a matter of time, your business will be dead.

“If you ignore criticism, you will end in poverty and disgrace; if you accept criticism you will be honored.” – Proverbs 13:18, NLT

© Ed Pilapil Jr.  2010

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