Free Taste

October 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

One Sunday, my two sons requested me to bring them to Toy Kingdom at Podium, Metro Manila.   I agreed and so we went just before lunch.  When they were finished buying their respective toys, we stopped by the escalator to check out some food on display.  There were around 5 to 6 tables selling cupcakes, fruitcakes, cookies, food for the gods, and pastry-like goodies. It was a bakers fair.

I approached the nearest table, they still had a lot of stuff to sell, so does the other tables except for one.  This particular table magnetized my two sons and myself immediately with what we saw.  In front of every item was a small plate with little slices or pieces of the item, free taste!

I tried the cookies, one with white chocolate and the other with dark chocolate. Eduard tried the carrot cupcakes and Leon tried the classic banana cake.  I felt a little embarrassed because we kept eating the free samples.  The only way out of this was to buy.  Eduard got a carrot cupcake and Leon got a slice of banana cake.  I bought two boxes of cookies, white chocolate cookies for my wife and dark chocolate cookies for my daughter.

I thanked the entrepreneur for the discount and for her tolerance.  We almost finished half of her free taste items.  I really felt like giving a compliment, so I said, “Do you know what makes you different from everybody here?”  She looked at me with interest.  “You were willing to give something free,” I remarked.  She replied with a smile, “Thank You.”

People want to be sure with what they buy.  Help them through free test or free taste.

© Ed Pilapil Jr.  2010

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