Why Doing What You Love Is Not Enough

November 3, 2010 § 9 Comments

Have you heard this? “Do what you love and you will achieve success!”

It is a familiar phrase.  Something we’ve heard from school, from work, from seminars, and from TV or even perhaps from our family.

The problem is, it is not accurate.  And it can be misleading.

Forgive me for being straightforward about this.  But it is not enough to do what you love in order to be a success.  By success, I mean that what you do or what you offer adds significant value to many people.  Enough for them to be fans or advocates of your “good news”.  Enough for them to buy-in to you.

You can try to interview people and you will find out that some of them claim to do what they love but are lost in terms of adding significant value to others.

There are people who love to sing but yikes!  Please give me earplugs.

There are those who love teaching but my, my, I’d rather step out of class and read the book, so boring!

There are resto owners, trying hard to cook, self-proclaimed chefs, you try the food, then you find yourself texting everyone to avoid the place.

And there are chefs trying to manage restos even if they are not equipped to do so, poor service.

You must find what you love and do it.  But you must also develop the skills.  You must become really good at it.  Aim for expertise. The kind of expertise that adds value.  If you do what you love and become an expert in it, getting the buy-in from others will not be difficult.

But if you are also aiming for financial rewards then you must add one more ingredient.  Create a money machine that suits your expertise.  Learn to attract your target market.

Accept it.  Doing what you love is only phase one.  It is not enough!

Do what you love.  But be an expert.  Then design your money machine.


© Ed Pilapil Jr.  2010


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§ 9 Responses to Why Doing What You Love Is Not Enough

  • PHILIPP INNO says:

    Nice blog, sir Ed!



    Simply put, you may be highly passionate about a craft or career but has no potential to become the best-in-planet at it, then maybe, it ain’t your life’s purpose.

    Probably, it is still within your chosen field but kinda indirect. For instance, Freddie Roach may be passionate when he was younger to become a Featherweight Boxing World Champion. But, he had no potential to become one. He didn’t lost his passion in boxing but discovered his true competence and eventually reinvented himself as a Coach of Boxing World Champs like Tyson and Pacquiao.

    Hence, some frustrated singers ended up as composers, or talent managers, or producers… and some frustrated athletes became coaches, trainers, managers or franchise owners… (some who wanted to learn a lot but frustrated in the school system ended up as entrepreneurs, ha, ha!)

    On the other side, some frustrated artists became con artists, some decorated former militaries became drug lords or gambling lords, some intelligent economists ended up as corrupt dirty politicians (who served their personal purpose and not their Divine Purpose, he, he…)

    In the end, people who were able to serve their Divine Purpose are those we can consider as highly successful – not just in life ephemeral but in life eternal. =)

  • That’s true. A person may still serve the industry that he/she is passionate about but in a different role. They may still become successful if their craft becomes remarkable.

  • PHILIPP INNO says:

    Although it might be his passion and dream, Phil Jackson didn’t become a superstar basketball player… But he became a remarkable NBA coach. He’s able to coach the best-in-planet superstar basketball players like Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’ Neal, and a lot more… and of course, the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. =)

  • isaacbulatao says:

    very well said sir…i’ve been asking myself “is doing what i love enough?” lately…and this just opened my eyes to a whole new perspective… 😉

  • PHILIPP INNO says:

    oops, noticed some syntax errors in my composed posts… ‘m not able to ‘proofread’ it. may the idea or content matter more than the grammar, he, he… sowi! =D

  • Matsy Tumacdang says:

    Blessed comment from sir Inno… Truly, there is an unusual feeling of fulfillment when we serve Divine purposes….Nakatataba naman ng pyuso ang comment nyo sir… Thank God for ppl like u! May ur tribe increase!

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