When You Have Many Passions

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Coach, I heard your talk yesterday.  You mentioned about finding one’s passion.  What if I have so many passions?  I mean, I have so many things that I want to do.  I am not sure what direction to take,” Jake expressed.

By the way, Jake is not a specific person, but rather, a representation of persons.  He represents all those I encountered with the same dilemma, the dilemma of many passions.

I usually answer with the good news.

“The good news is that you have passions.  You have many things you want to do or accomplish.  Fantastic.  At least you do not have to start from scratch, meaning starting with zero passion.”

Then I proceed to convey the bad news.

“The bad news is, you have to choose only one.”

Most of them show signs of uneasiness at this point.  Some will even react, “But I cannot give up the other stuff!”

I raise my hands to chest level, lower my voice and say, “Let me explain, you do not have to give up the other stuff.”

By this time, their faces show more curiosity but still perplexed.

“You have to major in one so you can focus on excelling in one.  If you remember my talk, I shared that you can turn this passion into a career, profession or enterprise.   Nobody can chase two rabbits at the same time.  First catch one then look for the other one, that is, if you can still find it. If you chase two rabbits at once, you will not catch any.  You must focus.”

I would pursue the argument, “You may chase the other passions after you succeed in one.  Or better, make the other passions as hobbies.”

“Jake, if the other passions make you happy, go ahead, but they should not affect your focus.  Only one passion can be the priority.  I hope this is clear,”  I emphasize.

Jake would say, “I see.  That makes sense.  But how do I choose which one to major in?”

I would then respond, “What is the passion with the best skill?  Where you are most confident?  Which talent or skill or ability gets the most positive response from people, your friends not included?”

“What’s wrong with the opinion of my friends?”

“Nothing Jake, except that they can be very polite to you and not tell you how badly you need to improve.  If they can be sincerely honest with you, I have no issue with their feedback.”

“Wow!  That is loaded.  I may need time to sort this out, ” Jake would respond with eyes that seem to search the inner most part of his soul.

“Of course you do! See you next week Jake.”

He leaves.  But after a few steps, he turns, “Wait, I have another question.  When I discover the passion with my best skill, what do I do next?”

I smile and say, “Bye Jake.  Read about it on my next blog post.”

© Eduardo Pilapil Jr. 2010


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