A Different Expert

November 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

“Hey Coach, I have found what I love to do and I think I can be really good at this.  You said that I should aim for expertise.  How do I do that?”  asked Jake.

“First of all.  I want to make sure that you understand why you should aim for expertise…”  I responded.

Jake interrupted, “I think you mentioned before that if I want to make my passion into a career, profession or enterprise… I should be really good at it in order that I can add value to others…”

“Go on…” I encouraged.

“If I add value to others and they appreciate the value I give, they will not hesitate to buy-in,” Jake continued.

“Exactly!” I affirmed.  “But let me strengthen that position further.”

Jake listens intently.

“The expert, whether he calls himself an expert or not, is really good at what he does.  But that is not enough.  His recipients should perceive the value of his knowledge or skills.  The recipient could be a community, an organization or other buyers.  The expert should be the first person they remember when a specific need arises,” I explained.

“I get it.  Like me, I love making kids happy especially in birthday parties.  I can juggle, do a puppet show, and do magic tricks.  If I am effective in making kids laugh and amused then the party organizers will get my services,” Jake said with excitement.

“The keys are: you love what you are doing, you effectively and reliably deliver the expectation, you are one of the best, and you are different from the others,” I summarized.

“Wait, what do you mean by different?” He inquired.

“Instead of striving to be the best, strive to be unique in the minds of your customers.  If you are like everybody else, you will always be compared thus, you are just one of them in the mind of the customer,” I answered.

“Is it because there are so much competition?” asked Jake.

“Yes.  Because there are so many entrepreneurs offering the same service, the best strategy is to be different.  Being different or unique sets you apart from the competition.    For example, if everyone does juggling as we all know it, why not juggle while dancing or juggle blindfolded if no one is doing it.  The point of being different is to be remembered,”  I expounded.

“What if I make myself different not only through my act but also through other means like always giving greeting cards to my clients?” Jake shared.

“Yes.  You are now delving into marketing strategies.   But you are right, most entrepreneurs do not write their clients after the service is rendered.  We’ll discuss marketing but for now, focus to become an expert,”  I reminded.

“Yes, I know,” Jake reacted.

“By the way, will you focus on making kids happy through party shows?”  I asked.

“No, that is one of my passions but that is not my number one passion and skill.  I mentioned it earlier just for discussion’s sake.  My real passion is public speaking with a touch of stand up comedy, ” Jake smiled.

“I see.  Let us begin then.  Allow me to show you the path to expertise…”

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010

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