Read the Masters

November 10, 2010 § 3 Comments

“I’ve done my assignment!” Jake proudly stated as he entered my office.  “I have read at least 3 books on public speaking.”

“Good,” said I as I sat down behind my desk.

“What else should I do?” asked Jake.

“Keep reading about the subjects of your interest.  Read a thousand books if you can,” I stressed.

“Why is reading so important?” Jake wondered out loud.

“Do you believe in the saying that there is no difference between a man who cannot read and a man who does not read?” I asked.

“Wow.  What a statement!” exclaimed Jake, “But I guess it is true.  I should maximize or use my capacity to read and learn simply because I can read.”

“It is such a pity that with the wealth of knowledge available in our libraries, bookstores and the internet, many people do not see the jewels hidden between the rocks,” I shared.

“You mean the insights I read that can help improve my knowledge and skills,” said Jake.

“Jake, if you observe some of the very successful people around, even in our neighborhood, you will find that they are learners and they are readers.  They have their personal libraries and you often spot them carrying a book or magazine.”

“Yeah Coach.  I have observed that.”

“You see, reading allows you to look into the mind, perspective and insights of the authors.  You commune with the authors in a certain way.  Reading is very helpful especially if you read the masters of their craft,” I explained.

“What if I do not agree with what I read?  Would it be a bad thing if I question the masters?”

“You do not have to agree all the time.  But by reading and reflecting on what you have read, you begin to see things in different angles.  No author knows it all.  And no author is always right.  You have the right to form your own convictions.  You have the right to build on what the masters have contributed.  And you have the right to create your own path,” I said with gusto.  “It stirs your mind.  It pounds your heart.  You form new ideas.  You imagine.  Clarity comes and…”

“Coach, sorry for interrupting.  But may I go now? I still have a lot to read.”

“Okay.  But journal the highlights of your learning and the ideas you conceive,”  I suggested.  “And come back next week, same time.  Reading is only one way to build your expertise.  It cannot stand alone.  See ya!”

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010


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