Unspoken Tips

November 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

“I interviewed two people in my circle that have experienced some level of success.  You were right.  They were more than willing to share their experience to someone like me, a start-up,”  Jake reported.

“That’s great.  Do not stop doing that,”  I said.

“Oh definitely.  I have two more lined up this week,”  he stated.

“Aside from what they opened up to you, did you notice anything that they practice but did not mention to you?  Sometimes it may seem trivial to notice but if you look closely, it might be important,”  I asked.

“Yes I guess so.  One of the guys I talked with, Rodrigo, he is a very successful car salesman.  He shook the hands of at least four people in the restaurant where we met,”  Jake narrated.

“That is good observation Jake.  I think part of Rodrigo’s success formula is to know a lot of people and to make a personal connection through a handshake whenever he sees them,” I opined.

“But he did not mention that,”  said Jake.

“Understand this Jake.  A person cannot or will not say everything.  You have to figure it out by observing them.  Your friend Rodrigo may have thought that you also know a lot of people that is why he did not mention it,”  I said.

“I see.  Learning is not just about listening to what they say.  But taking note of what they do,” he grasped.

“You’ve got it Jake!”  I encouraged.  “Observe them when they are in action and observe when they are not in action.  You might also learn something from the inaction.”

“Yes, I know this corporate trainer who listens to audio lessons while driving.  He makes the most of his time.  I think I can apply that, too,” shared Jake.

“There are many things to look at: the way they learn, the way they build connections, the way they treat their principals, even the way they talk, walk, dress up, dress down…”

“Even those?  Do they matter?” he asked.

“Yes and no.  Your goal is to learn, see connections if there are, discover how stuff works, but not to copy everything.  Eventually, you will find what works for you and you will have to come up with your own style and formula of success,”  I clarified.

I continued, “But never be stuck with one subject, have multiple.”

“Yeah, otherwise some might think that I am a stalker,” Jake smiled.

“Right! and that’s illegal” I laughed.

“Coach, do we have a lesson today? Jake asked.

“Yes.  You may go because we’re done!”

“Huh? What’s the lesson?” Jake wondered.


© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010

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