Inner Fortitude

November 16, 2010 § 3 Comments

“Why do you look depressed Jake?” I asked as he entered the room.

“Coach, I did everything you told me to.  I read tons about my interests, I listened to audio lectures, I participated in workshops, I interviewed successful people, I started practicing as you mentioned and I even volunteered my services to speak for some school and church activities.  But…” Jake paused.

“Go on,” I said with curiosity.

“My brother Carl thinks that I am just wasting my time and resources!”  Jake narrated. “My friends in the office also mentioned that it is better for me to stick to my boring job and not to spend so much time on other activities.”

“And those comments bother you?” I tried asking the obvious.

“Well, yeah.  Can’t they understand that this is important to me?  And you know what coach?  Every time I speak to a crowd, I feel happy.  And I could see that the listeners are also happy.  And everyone approaches me to show their appreciation after I…” Jake sighed as he stooped his head down.

“Take a deep breath and relax,” I said.

Jake tried to relax then looked at his business coach, hoping to get more relief.

“I am happy that you are enjoying your development.  Continue.  If you recall our last session, you need thousands of hours of practice and experience.  However, do not expect others to understand you, especially in these early stages,” I explained.

“So what can I do about it?” Jake asked.

“Understand their concern then explain your plan,” I instructed. “And make sure that your development does not affect your job negatively.  Show that you have good work ethic.”

“Yes I guess they are just concerned about me.  Perhaps they want to make sure that I do not neglect my job,”  said Jake.

“Come up with a script like, I understand your concerns but I want to assure you that I have thought this through.  I am not wasting my time and resources.  This is part of my personal development and it means a lot to me.  I will make sure that this does not affect my job output.  And I am also doing all I can to minimize my risks when I begin shifting to another career,” I suggested.

“Yes I need to explain myself better, I guess,” he admitted.

“And remember this: Be unaffected by discouraging words!  Rise above it.  Your resolve must be strong enough to withstand whatever,”  I stressed.  “Listen to feedback but never let anyone derail you from what you really want for your career.”

“Yeah.  I guess I should not let anyone affect or bother me easily,”  Jake expressed.

“This is a good time to remind you of inner strength.  You need it in order to achieve your goals.  There will always be comments and unsolicited advice but these should not control you.  Smile and take them as suggestions.  But never live life at the mercy of others’ opinions or comments,” I warned.

“Thank you for the reminder coach.  I feel better now.  I understand that others speak out of concern, others out of who knows but I should just try to understand, maybe even appreciate their concern, yet continue on my path,” Jake said.

“Next meeting, we’ll discuss something that can help counter all the negativism you hear,” I said. “See you next week.”

© 2010 Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr.

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§ 3 Responses to Inner Fortitude

  • PHILIPP INNO says:

    Your blog reminded me of the dispute: “Are Entrepreneurs born or made?”

    For me, founding Entrepreneurs are gifted with a set of characteristics and a certain kind of attitude essential for their success. But still, they need to develop different skills to make their enterprise truly thrive. And they also need other complementary people (Corporate Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs) who should somehow also possess the same attitude to sustain the initiated entrepreneurial spirit.

    Base on actual experience, the situation of not being understood by friends and families happens first to the Entrepreneur. Then later on, the same experience happens also to the Intrapreneurs, he,he… (Welcome to the club!) :p

    Either you are an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur, learn how to deal with the naysayers or those who will discourage you from fulfilling your Divine Calling.

    Thanks again for this blog Entrepreneur Coach! =)

  • Good comments Philipp 🙂

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