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“Coach, you mentioned that there was something that can remove all the negativism in my life,” Jake tried to remind me of our lesson.

“I did not say that Jake.  If you check your notes, or my notes, I mentioned that there was something that can counteract the negativism, not necessarily remove them.  When I said counteract I meant internally, inside your heart and mind, not externally.”  I needed to clarify that.

“Negativism is everywhere.  We have to accept that as a fact.  But there is something that can help you.”

“I am all ears coach,” anticipated Jake.

“Destiny!” I declared.  “You must have a strong sense of destiny.”

“Destiny? You mean fate?” Jake asked with one eyebrow raised.

“No, not fate but purpose,”  I explained.  “Living with a fatalistic mindset says, what will be will be and I cannot do anything about it.  Having a strong sense of destiny is living with purpose.  It is acknowledging that you exist for a reason even if you do not fully understand it yet.”

“Wow.  This is heavy stuff coach.  You really believe that I have a destiny?” he muttered.

“Yes.  My faith in God allows me to believe that.  Do you find that hard to believe?” I inquired.

“Yes.  I mean, no.  I mean I don’t know,” he replied, obviously struggling.

“I know it is a lot to take in.  That is why you need faith.  Faith is believing in what you do not see.  You do not see God but you believe.  You do not see your end but you can believe that your life is meant for something,” I preached.

“Are you saying that if I have a strong sense of destiny then I can repel all the negativism around me?” he said as he tried to make the connection.

“You will have a solid anchor.  The wind and the waves may try to toss you around but your faith in God and in his purpose for you keeps you steady,”  I explained.

“I see.  But how can I be sure that I am doing what I should be doing?” Jake asked.

“We must all seek our purpose.  Yours began even before you approached me.  Knowing your passion, talents and abilities was a good start.  It will continue to unfold as time goes by.”  I looked out the window.  “Be patient.”

“Does that mean that by improving myself, I am already preparing for something great?” Jake asked.

“If you believe that, then I can believe with you.”  I pointed to a picture of a river in my office.  “All rivers lead to the sea Jake.”

“Go on…” he waited.

“From the rain, the water seeks paths down the mountain, it joins streams, then it becomes part of a river, it continues to flow until it reaches the sea, its destination,”  I narrated.  “If you actively seek your path, with patience, you will fulfill your destiny.”

“The concept is more clear now.  But I need time to digest this,”  Jake said as he prepared to leave.

“Of course you do.” I walked him out the door.

“Any assignments?” he asked.

“I think you need to pray and meditate.  See you next week.”

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010


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