Support Groups

November 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Last week’s lesson was kinda heavy coach but I was able to digest it.  The easiest part was when I decided to just accept it,” Jake recounted.

“Accept what?” I asked.

“Accept that I do have a destiny to fulfill even if it is not that clear to me yet.  When I reviewed my life, I could see certain patterns, all leading to this day, what I learned, what I did, what happened, what I do now, what I desire to be…” he answered.

“Now that you have a stronger sense of destiny, we can move on to your development.  If you still have questions on destiny, email me, but for now, the next lesson,” I said.

“Alright coach.  I am ready!” Jake took out pen and pad, as usual.

“You need the right environment for you to grow in your passion and expertise.  You need support groups.

Every person who had achieved something significant had other people backing him up.  And, they could clearly identify people who catalyzed them,”  I explained.

“What about people who claimed that they did it on their own?”  Jake asked.

“Well, they think they did it on their own but if they looked closer there were people who contributed much in order for them to be where they are today.  Take for example the people who raised them,” I answered.

Jake nodded.  “Okay so how may support groups help me?”

“The right people can give you the right environment to grow much like a tree with suitable soil and weather.  I am sure that you have some form of support groups,”  I explained.

“I guess so,” Jake said.

“Let me give to you some forms of support groups: emotional support group, mentors and coaches, financial support group, career or entrepreneur support group, decision-making support group, and spiritual support group,”  I enumerated.

“Oh, I see.  Like my friends could be my emotional support group.  And you are my coach.  And my family used to be my financial support group.  And my bible study group is my support group…” Jake said.

“Right.  You have those groups.  But what you need is career support group or later, an entrepreneur support group,” I mentioned.

“You are right coach.  I do not have a group that supports my passion,”  Jake observed.

“What happens if people of the same interests come together?” I asked.

“They gel together and they share stuff with each other,”  Jake answered.

“Now what would happen if you regularly meet a group of people who are passionate about what you are passionate about.  Those who are so into honing their skills like you?” I asked.

“That would be amazing!” Jake thought aloud.

I looked at the wall clock and said, “Time’s up Jake.  I’ll tell you about success groups next time.”

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010





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