Success Circle

November 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

“Hey Coach, I am ready for the lesson on success groups,”  Jake said as he made his entrance.

“Alright.  Let us get started,” I said as I sat across him.  “I would like to tell you about a person I met eight years ago?”

Instead of Jake pulling out his notepad and pen, he pulled out a “tablet” from his bag. “My brothers gave it to me as a gift,”  he said.

“Wow.  That looks nice.  Can it record my short talk with you?”  I inquired.

“I don’t know.  I have not explored it yet.  For now, I’ll type using my fingers,” he answered.

“This story is about Oswald.  And how he became vice-president of a well-known bank here in our city at the age of 28,”  I introduced.

“This sounds interesting.  Twenty-eight huh. Very young to be a vice-president.  Was he qualified?” Jake asked.

“He would not be able to get the position if he were not.

“Oswald was invited by one of his professors to a dinner with 3 or 4 other gentlemen.  The men were obviously his seniors, perhaps old enough to be his father.  They talked finance and politics.

“Oswald enjoyed listening.  He asked permission if he could join them again next week since he felt he gained much insight.

“The gentlemen were delighted to meet a young guy who was hungry to learn.

“After weeks, maybe months, Oswald understood and learned much about banking and finance from the gentlemen.

“It was not long when one from the group was offered to be president of this well-known bank.  There was a vacancy for one vice-president position.  The new president needed someone who understands how he thinks and someone he could trust.

“He chose Oswald.”  I looked at Jake and waited for his response.

“This really happened?” Jake said in amazement.

“Yes.  I can introduce you to him if you want,” I responded.

“Lessons and insights Jake? Come on.”  I stood up to pick up the coffee pot and refill Jake’s cup and mine.

“Top guys hire based on trust and potential,”  Jake observed.

“That is what happened in this case.  They do hire on trust and potential but they usually prioritize high-competence,” I said.  “What else Jake?  How did it all began?”

“He joined the circle of experts!”  Jake declared with assurance.

“Right!” I exclaimed. “Experts have skills but not only that, they usually have connections.”

I continued, “Birds of the same feather flock together.  Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.  You know these sayings?”

“Of course I do,” said Jake.

“If you invest enough time with people with expertise and connection, you will learn more and doors can open for you, without even forcing the door to open,” I explained.

“This is great Coach! Do you have more stories and lessons?”  Jake asked.

“That is all for now.  Think of your application.  Write it then email it to me,” I said.

“Okay Coach.  See you next week,” Jake said as he packed his digital pad.

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010

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§ 2 Responses to Success Circle

  • PHILIPP INNO says:

    Aligned with your interesting blog and for curiosity’s sake,

    With the type of entrepreneur you assess i am, who or what particular circle locally do you recommend i should be joining in? Thanks so much Coach Entrepreneur! =)

  • I seldom make hasty assessments Philipp.

    But one thing that I usually advice is, have different circles. These may be entrepreneur groups, friends of the same mind, professionals as idealistic as you, and some masters of your craft, if there are.

    As for particular groups, that would you be your assignment. You would know the circles in your field better than me.

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