Your Circle

November 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

“I feel there is more to last week’s lesson.  Coach, would it be alright for you to expound more on the Success Circles?”  Jake requested.

“That is not a problem.  Why don’t we start with some questions that you might have?” I said.

“How do I become part of a success circle?” Jake asked.

“There are two ways to do it.  One way is to build your own.  Try inviting some of those you know with your same passion especially those who have reached a level of success higher than yours.  Set a regular time and place to meet.  Let it snowball from there,” I explained.

“And the other way?” he asked.

“The other way is to join existing groups.  The groups could either be a formal organization or an informal one,” I said.

“What do you recommend?” Jake inquired.

“Both,” I replied. “Since you are equipping yourself to become a public speaker con stand up comedian, you may want to join a speakers bureau or a human resource organization who might need your services for their corporate events.”

“I see,” Jake muttered. “My next question is, what happens during meetings?”

“Some organizations are formal with their programs.  But the small success circles are more free.   They talk about their passion and expertise.  Or how politics or the economy could affect their profession.  They are generous to each other with their knowledge.  But most importantly, they also function as accountability groups,”  I answered.

“Accountability groups?” Jake asked.

“Each member of the group states a goal with a time frame.  He or she voluntarily reports to the group.  The other members are allowed to give constructive feedback,” I shared.

“What are the goals like?” Jake asked.

“Anything from having the guts to deliver a speech to writing a book or from finishing a masters degree to making $1M in a year. Or something like that,” I answered.

“I am seeing how I can form one coach,”  Jake added.

“Great.  Remember that by investing more time with such people, you slowly become like them, in some ways, the knowledge rubs on you.”  I tried looking at my watch.

“Before we end coach, what about some friends that I have that are not very productive?” Jake asked.

“Friends are friends.  Nurture your friendships but if being with them is not as productive, then just minimize your time with them.  If they are bad influences like they pull you down with regard to your character, then stay away from them lest you become like them.”  I stood to signal that time is up.

“Thanks coach. See you next week.”  He said as he went out the door.

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010

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§ 2 Responses to Your Circle

  • SD!!! says:

    “Create your brand promise. Communicate it creatively. Deliver it consistently”

    Quite simple. thank you for make the message simpler, I’m going to repeat it mentally the whole day 😀

  • Hi Sergio! As you repeat and reflect on it, I am sure that your mind will begin to imagine great ideas for your brand 🙂

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