Target One, the Others Will Follow

November 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Hey Coach, good news.  Doors have opened for me because of my new contacts or circles as you would call it,”  Jake announced.

“That’s great!  What groups have invited you to speak?” I inquired.

“Well, at least two schools, a social enterprise, and three small company,”  Jake replied.

After you speak to all of those, try to get the feel of who will be your specific target,” I instructed.

“Alright.  Any specific reason for that?” he asked.

“Of course.  You must identify your target market if you want to be a professional speaker,” I answered as I pointed at the dart board.

“Shouldn’t I speak to all who invite me?” Jake asked.

“In a way yes but in a way no,” I answered.

“Please elaborate,” he requested.

“You may accept all invitations if you want but, your efforts must be towards only one target segment,”  I explained.  “If you target everyone, you will never be known as an expert of anything.  But if you target one, the others will follow.”

“I remember what you told me months ago about chasing two rabbits at the same time.  I should chase one first then go for the other,”  Jake recalled.

“If you target one, say schools, either motivating students or teachers, you may be known for that.  Other schools will invite you because school admin officers would probably know other school admin officers from other schools.  That is targeting one segment.  But it is also possible that companies might invite you .  The students will work some day and belong to a company.  They might refer you,”  I followed through.

“Did that happen to you?”  Jake asked.

“Yes.  I was giving a lot of free talks to schools and churches.  After a while, small companies have been inviting me, then bigger companies.  The students who became professionals referred me to their HR,”  I narrated.

“It is like using a rifle instead of a shotgun.  I have to hit the target one at a time instead of hitting wide,”  Jake responded.  “Does this principle also hold in retail business?”

“It applies to all business,” I said.  “An entrepreneur should understand the target.  How she thinks, her buying habits, her happiness, her lifestyle, and everything relevant to what the entrepreneur is selling.”

“You are not limiting your customers if you target?” Jake said.

“What is the target segment of McDonald’s?” I asked.

“The mascot is a clown.  The seats look like chairs from a playhouse.  There are toys for sale.  They offer kiddie parties.  Children would be the target,” Jake answered.

“Right.  When the children want to eat at McDonald’s what do parents or grandparents do?”  I asked.

“They give in,” Jake smiled as he seemed to grasp the concept more. “Target one very well and the others will follow.”

“Identify your target Jake.  Reflect on it then email it to me.  See you next week,” I concluded.

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010

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