Communicate Creatively

November 29, 2010 § 5 Comments

“Hi Coach, our session today will cover communicating the brand promise creatively, right?”  Jake assumed.

“Yes it will!” I responded. “The brand promise should be known by as many people as possible especially your target segment.  Do  you remember one of our previous lessons on targeting a segment?”

“Yes Coach, I remember,” Jake added.

“We must communicate the brand promise in interesting ways to get the attention of the target recipients,” I said.

“And that is why we need to be creative with our design or medium,” Jake mentioned.

“You seem to know this well, Jake,” I said.

“A little bit.  I interviewed some friends who work in creatives,”  Jake confirmed.

“Good.  You are practicing our previous lessons by asking around.  You mentioned design.  Please share what you have learned,” I encouraged.

“Yes.  The design of the logo should reflect the brand promise.  That includes the color and images.  The look and feel of all marketing materials should be consistent.  This will help consumers recognize the brand,” Jake explained.

“Wow.  That is good information.  It is good to consult friends or professionals in that field,” I said.  “Now, let us find ways on how we can apply these or what you can use to promote your brand promise.”

“I am all ears coach.  Please go on,”  Jake replied.

“Consider these your assignments for the next few weeks,”  I said.

Jake started typing on his digital pad.

“Have someone design you a logo based on your brand promise.  Include the applications like business card, letter head, envelopes and notepads,”  I said. “The beauty of the design is important but more important than beauty is effectiveness.  Is the design effective in communicating your brand promise?”

“Ok. Got it. Anything else,” Jake asked.

“Learn how to make your own website and make sure the look and feel is similar to your logo,”  I said.

“Can’t I just ask someone to do it?” Jake asked.

“No.  Learn it yourself so you will not be dependent especially when you update your site,” I said.  “It may take a little time but you will get the hang of it.”

“Oh, coach!  I do not think I have the time.  I still have a regular job,”  he said.

“There are many third party software that makes it easy,”  I tried to calm him down.  “Ok. Let us change that.  For now, start a blog instead.  Begin writing your thoughts and short lessons.  But you still have to make your own website.”

“Yeah.  That sounds better.  This is to help promote my service, right?” Jake asked.

“Yes but not only that.  You will be building your brand image.  The blog will show that you know your stuff and you can definitely speak about it.  It will help convert the leads into paying customers,” I said.

“Got it,” he responded.  “Can I use multimedia?”

“By all means.  Do not hold back,”  I said.  “Find ways to communicate your brand promise creatively.”

“Coach, this is a lot of work.  Should I resign from my work so I can focus on this,” Jake asked.

“My opinion is, not yet.  You do not have enough capital to sustain you for months.  Be patient,”  I advised.  “See you next week Jake.  Enjoy your weekend.”

“I’ll definitely enjoy working on this but I will really try hard to be patient,” he said.

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010


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