Deliver the Brand Promise Consistently

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Hey Coach, I am ready for the third installment on personal branding, deliver the brand promise consistently,” Jake excitedly said as he came into my room.

“You seem to be in a very upbeat mood.  What’s up?”  I asked.

“I am getting more possible invitations by just telling my friends about my brand promise.  I was not even trying hard to promote myself.  I have to hurry with my updated profile, business cards and website though.  They were asking for it,” Jake replied.

“That is good Jake.  When people clearly know what you offer as a promise, those who feel they need you, will invite you to present or they will make sure that they have your contact for future reference,” I said.

“Delivering my brand promise is simply being consistent with what I deliver, right?” Jake asked.

“Right. But before discussing that, there are two things that you must deliver consistently.  First, the message or the promise and second, the execution of the promise,” I enumerated.

“Do you mean that I should not keep changing my brand promise?” Jake inquired.

“Yes!  Be consistent with what you are saying.  If you keep changing, you confuse your target market,” I emphasized.

“So I should never change my brand promise?” Jake asked.

“There are situations that you will have to change especially if your business is shifting or expanding its target market. Or, when it is absolutely necessary to evolve or improve your services,”  I explained.  “But, it is always better to stick to one brand message for a number of years.  If you do not have to change then it is better.”

“As you mentioned in one of your talks, we cannot be everything to everyone.  If we are, then we will be remembered by no one,” Jake recalled.

“Nicely said Jake,”  I commented. “Let us move to the second one.”

“The execution of the promise should be consistent,” Jake said.

“Yes.  Because if you are not consistent, your customers will be disappointed.  And that is a no-no,” I followed.

“I see,”  Jake muttered.

“An illustration. Earlier today, I was in one of my favorite coffee shops.  I usually meet people there for business.  I keep going back there because I like the way they serve their iced coffee.  They put a tall, clear glass, full of ice, on your table  then they pour freshly brewed coffee.  The ice melts before your eyes.  Then you pour the fresh milk and sweet syrup.

“The sight of the white and clear substance penetrating the dark coffee, just before you stir it is fascinating to watch,” I said, “But, this time, they just served the iced coffee without the pouring ritual.  The coffee was already with the ice in the glass.  I missed part of the experience when they did that!

“As if I was robbed of the magic!” I said, obviously trying to act emotional.

Jake let out a laugh, “That means something to you, huh.”

“Well yes!” I said.  “Let us get back to you.  Think through your service but when you deliver it, be consistent!”

“I like this lesson coach.  One more question.  How do I price my services?”

“That merits another series of talks Jake.  Another time.  For now, find ways how you can be consistent with your message and execution,” I concluded. “See you soon.”

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010


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