Be Punctual

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Hi Coach, I have done my research on the list of values that you sent me,” Jake said as he entered my office.

“Great,” I said. “Let us begin with punctuality.  Please define punctuality.”

“Well,” Jake said. “Punctuality is doing something or making things happen at an agreed time.”

“So what does it mean if a person is punctual?” I asked.

“He or she is the type of person who is on time, does things on time or make things happen on time,” Jake answered.

“What would then be the opposite of being punctual?” I asked further.

“Late,” Jake said. “The opposite is a person who is often late.”

“I am so glad that you are a punctual person Jake,” I said.  “I find it hard working with clients who do not respect the time of others.”

“Same here,” Jake smiled.  “You would not be my entrepreneur coach if you come in late.”

“How can being punctual help a person’s career or business?” I asked.

“The rewards of being punctual is respect,” Jake said. “If one is on time in meetings and assignments then he would be a person who would earn the respect of his colleagues.”

“How about the opposite Jake,” I said. “Would you like to work with a person who is often late?”

“Of course not!” Jake replied.

“Why not?” I asked the obvious.

“If he cannot respect my time then I think he is unprofessional,” Jake said, “or he lacks discipline.”

“So one consequence of a person who does not respect the time of others is, he or she will not find respect as well,” I said.

“I do have a question Coach,” Jake said.


“There are people I know who are kinda successful,” Jake said. “But they are not so respectful of others’ time.  How can that be?”

“In some cases, late is understandable especially if the Secretary of Defense was late in meeting you due to national security,” I said.

“You are kidding,”  Jake replied, “but I get it.  There are some exceptions.”

“But in most cases,” I said, “observe closely the people you mentioned.  They could be much more than they are now if they were punctual.  I know a businessman who is often late.  I believe he could be double his success if he did not piss off some of his clients by making them wait too much.”

“I guess if I were the client, I would not stick to a supplier who is often late,” Jake said.  “If I have a choice, I will go for another.”

“And most of the time, you do have a choice,” I said.  “What do you think of an employee that is always late?”

“That employee should be fired!” Jake remarked.  “If he is a manager, he should be demoted.”

“That’s kind of strong,” I responded.  “I understand your sentiment but I would speak to them first, iff they still do not change,  then I’ll rain down the consequence.”

“I got carried away.”  Jake laughed.

“How do you apply this lesson to yourself?”  I asked.

“Well, I’ll make sure that I am always on time with my meetings and my assignments,” Jake replied.  “With my new venture, I will always be on time for my clients whether in meeting them or in submitting something to them.”

“If you think you will be late in a meeting, have the courtesy to call those who are waiting,”  I said.

“Yes coach, that is my practice,” Jake replied. “Some do not even bother.  They just let you wait.”

“I know.  They do not value punctuality and they do not value others even if they say they do, their actions say otherwise,” I said.  “The important thing is that you are not like them.”

Jake stood up, “Thanks for the session coach.  It is a great reminder.  Got to go.  I do not want to be late for my next meeting.”

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010


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