Be Creative

December 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Hi Coach, may we discuss creativity as a value?” Jake requested.

“Sure,” I said. “You may begin the discussion by defining it in the context of career and business.”

“Creativity is approaching a situation or problem from a fresh perspective,” Jake said.

“That is a good definition Jake,” I said. “What would be the opposite of creativity?”

“I would say, underachievement or being one-dimensional,” Jake said. “If one does not approach a situation or problem in a fresh perspective then there will be no improvement.  One will only see the limitations, not the possibilities.”

“And how does one improve ones creativity?” I asked.

“One can begin asking the right questions,” Jake answered.

“Please give examples Jake,” I said.

“If this is the problem, what are the limitations?” Jake said. “How can we hurdle these limitations?”

“Go on…” I urged.

“Another question would be, are there angles that I am overlooking?” Jake said. “Or, is there another cause for the problem?”

“That is good Jake,” I commended. “You described creativity in problem-solving.  But you can define creativity further.”

“Please explain,” Jake replied.

“Creativity has the root word to create,” I said. “Therefore, we can say that being creative is using our ability to imagine or create something new or create a new derivation of something great.”

“An opposite of creativity then could be, unimaginative,” Jake said.

“Or lazy-mind,” I added.

“How is it applied?” Jake asked.

“Creativity may be applied in business processes,” I said. “It may also be applied by thinking of new ways to delight the customers.  Coming up with ideas for new products or services that the customers do not even know exists.”

“How about creativity in communicating?” Jake added. “Or, creativity in balancing schedule or time.”

“Jake, each person has some creativity in them,” I said. “But many are not using their God-given creativity because they created limitations in their own mind.”

“I understand,” Jake said. “I have been guilty myself of making excuses instead of thinking of creative solutions.”

“But be warned,” I said. “Creativity is a great value but not all companies are welcoming of new ideas to improve.”

“Yeah, some treasure the way they do things,” Jake replied.

“There is nothing wrong with protecting what works,” I said. “But history has proven that only good values should last, not processes, not technology, not products, and not services.  Everything must change for the better.”

“Again, we should ask another question, how can I further improve what’s great to what can become a legend?” Jake said.

“That would be a good question Jake,” I laughed.  “One for the books.”

“I am beginning to appreciate creativity more,” Jake said.

“Creative ideas changed the world,” I said.  “Creativity means progress.  Creativity means growth.”

“What if a person’s company is not open to new ideas?” Jake said.

“That is why some people transferred,” I said.  “And some became entrepreneurs.  Creativity mixed with passion is very hard to ignore.”

“Thanks for the session Coach,” Jake said as he got up to leave.

“Do not be afraid to try out what you have imagined,” I adviced.

“Yeah, that’s what I want to do now.  Some might actually work,” Jake said.

“Right.  See you next week Jake,” I said.

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010


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