A Higher Purpose

December 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Hi Coach, I’m ready with the assignment,” Jake said.

“Good.” I set aside my pen and paper.  “Let us hear  your definition of determination.”

“It means,” Jake said, “strength of character, intent of purpose , persistence, courage and tenacity.”

“And what would be the opposite of determination?” I asked.

“Weak resolve,” Jake said, “fear of failure, and quick to surrender.”

“The definition seems to be familiar to all,” I said. “The word is not hard to understand.  It is just hard to live out as do many of the values.”

“Why is it that way coach?” Jake asked.

“You mentioned it all,” I said. “But mainly fear and a lack of purpose.”

“I think everyone can relate to the fear of failure,” Jake said.

“People are afraid to make mistakes,” I said, “even minor ones.  The emotions of many are weak to handle criticism.”

“But coach,” Jake said, “we must avoid mistakes, right?”

“Right,” I said.  “I do believe that we should make as few mistakes as possible, however…”

“However?” Jake interrupted.

“Those we know who succeeded in significant ways dared to fail,” I said.  “And they did fail, some many times, until they got it.”

“It sounds like learning by doing,” Jake said.  “But I am sure that they asked helped from others.”

“Of course,” I said. “No one knows everything.”

“You mentioned that the lack of determination is also brought about by lack of purpose,” Jake commented.

“If you look at the people who influenced history, those who dared to dream, and acted upon their dreams, are those who had a sense of purpose that is much bigger than themselves,” I said.

“I see.  You are saying that if my heart is consumed by a purpose, a cause that is bigger than my needs, bigger than myself then I will develop a strong sense of determination,” Jake said.

“Fighting for a higher purpose without neglecting your needs,” I said, “is better than fighting for selfish interests.”

“I get it coach,” Jake said.

“Jake, whatever you do in your career or new enterprise,” I said, “align it to a much higher purpose.  You will be amazed at what you can do.”

“You mean it will bring out my determination?” Jake asked.

“It will bring out the best in you,” I said.  “And all the obstacles you will face will seem small compared to your purpose.”

“That is why some people just never give up!” Jake mentioned.

“For some, the sense of purpose grows to become a sense of responsibility,” I said.

“I see,” Jake said.  “They feel the responsibility to keep trying.”

“For them, life is no longer complete if they do not live out their purpose,” I said.  “They take responsibility with what they think, do, spend on, plan, and all.”

“This is strong stuff coach,” Jake said.  “I will definitely reflect on this.”

“Yup, this is not for babies,” I said.  “This is meat to chew upon and think over.”

“I am speechless,” Jake said.

“See you next week, Jake.”

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2010


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