Make Your Move

January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Hi Jake, what brings you here?” I asked.

“The usual coach,” Jake said. “I need your opinion.”

“On what?”

“I’m at a fork in my journey,” Jake said.

“Oh, you need to make a major decision,” I replied.

“Yes,” Jake said.  “I have three choices. First, stay put as you advised when we first met, but things have changed. Second, accept an invitation from another company which is aligned to my best skills and passion. Third, launch my own company.”

“Alright Jake,” I said. “You are correct with the first statement.  My advise earlier does not count anymore. Things have changed.  You have grown in knowledge, skill and exposure.”

“Yes Coach.”

“The second sounds interesting,” I said. “Is it a learning company?”

“Yes coach,” Jake said.  “I will be speaking in corporate seminars.  They will also promote me in different parts of the country.”

“Sounds good,” I replied.  “How will they pay you?”

“A regular salary plus profit share,” Jake said.

“Wow,” I said.  “They offered you that? It means they see value.”

“I think they do,” Jake said with confidence.

“Now, the third one.  You want to start your own corporate training company?” I inquired.

“What do you think, Coach?” Jake raised his shoulders.

“Have you made a business plan?” I asked.

“Yes coach,” Jake said, “here.”

“Have you done your risk analysis?”

“Not yet that thorough,” Jake replied.

“Where do you plan to get your financing?” I asked.

“I have a few options. I do not need much anyway.”

“You need to be sustained for at least a year,” I said.  “One major difference when you launch on your own is the pay check. It does not come regularly.”

“The business plan I made can sustain me for 4 months but not one year,” Jake said.

“One year is better. Things can go wrong.  Unseen and uncontrollable factors might become factors.”

“I see,” Jake said.

“It is good that you feel this fork in the road,” I said.  “I believe the first option is the safest, stay put.  But staying there may mean not making any progress.”

“That is exactly how I feel coach.”

“The offer from the training company sounds good,” I said.  “You have a regular salary plus profit-share, which means you can be an intra-preneur.”


“Yes,” I said. “An employee that has regular salary but behaves like an entrepreneur.”

“I understand,” Jake said. “The opportunity can become a half-way to my being an entrepreneur.”

“Yes it can be half-way,” I said. “Or, it can be your model.”

“What do you mean?”

“My desire is for people to be entrepreneurial in attitude,” I said.  “That can be expressed by starting your own business or joining another company that gives similar opportunities.

“You mean some people are never meant to own their own business,” Jake said. “But they can be entrepreneurial in mindset and attitude if they are given the opportunity.”


“What do you think about me?”

“You can be either,” I said “and you will succeed. But expect some unpleasant surprises when you choose to launch your own business. You were briefed how it is.”

“I am inclined to choose the second option anyway,” Jake said.

“If you can build your personal brand in the second option,” I said. “Go for it. But, if you are more daring, choose to start your own. Find good investors.”

“That is easier said than done,” Jake replied.

“Yup,” I said,  “One thing is sure.  Do not stay where you are.  There is a ceiling there.  Your career path is unclear.  Your passion and skill is not in play.”

“So, you agree that it is time then,” Jake said firmly.

“Right Jake, it is time,” I said. “Make your move.”

“Second option,” Jake said.

“Like I said, make your move!”

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2011


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