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“Hi Coach,  it’s me again,” Jake said.  “I started working in this new company. The arrangement is great.”

“Good to know that,” I said.  “What is the arrangement?”

“The president treats all of his employees as partners,” Jake said. “I mean, we really feel that we are partners.  He is quite firm but he respects everyone.”

“Good, the atmosphere in work is positive,” I said. “Plus I guess you were offered regular salary with profit-share.”

“Yes,” Jake said.

“So Jake, why are you here?” I asked.  “How may I help you?”

“I came to ask help for our company,” Jake said.

“Let me hear it.”

“Well, we are in the planning phase for the next year,” Jake said. “And, the core group seems to be running out of ideas.”

“Ideas on what?”

“Expanding the business,” Jake replied.

“Gaps!” I said.


“Yes gaps,” I said.  “Find gaps in the market that your group can fill.  It should be aligned to your company’s strengths.”

“How do you find the gaps?” Jake asked.

“By listening to the market,” I said. “Find their frustrations or needs or preferences.”

“Do we set up interviews with company leaders?” Jake asked.

“That’s a good idea,” I said.  “Why not treat them to a good restaurant and listen to them?”

“To find the gaps, we ask questions and listen, right?” Jake said.

“You can also observe,” I said. “Observe the frustrations of your target market.”

“What if we cannot find anything?” Jake asked.

“Then you are not listening,” I said.  “Times change.  New tech is introduced  regularly.  A new generation fills the workforce every few years.”

“I get it,” Jake interrupted. “There are always gaps when change happens.”

“Right! And change is bound to happen,” I said.  “Expand your business by filling these gaps.”

“Are there other ways to find the gaps?” Jake asked.

“Create them,” I said.  “Innovate then make the market feel that they need it.”

“I see,” Jake said.  “Like all these electronic gadgets.”

“Does this apply to personal career?” Jake asked.

“What do you think?”

“My senior partner said that he invited me in because I communicate well and I have an established connection with the schools,” Jake said.

“Oh yes, you gave a lot of free talks for the universities in three cities,” I said. “You filled that gap for your senior partner.”

“If I stretch this lesson further coach,” Jake said. “A person can also position himself to fill gaps for companies.  That person will be in demand if there are only few who can fill a certain gap.”

“Right Jake,” I said. “It is still about developing your skills and about being differentiated from everybody else.”

“Yes, that makes a person stand out,” I said.

“Hey coach, I hope you don’t mind,” Jake said.  “I told my boss about you. He requests to meet you. Is it okay to set an appointment for him?”

“Of course,” I said.  “What does he want to talk about?”

“His business,” Jake said, “and his life.”

“What’s his name?” I asked.

“George Rivero.”

“I’ll see him next week,” I said.

“Thanks for the session Coach, bye.”

© Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. 2011


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