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“Good morning,” the visitor said. “You must be the business coach.”

“Welcome Mr. Rivero,” I said.  “Yes I am a business coach but I prefer, Entrepreneur Coach.”

“Is there a difference?” Mr. Rivero asked.

“A little.”

“Care to shed some light on that?” he said.

“A business coach is focused on coaching the business owner achieve their business goals,” I said, “while and entrepreneur coach, like the business coach, helps the business owners achieve their goals but is not limited to them.  The entrepreneur coach also helps people become ‘entrepreneurial’ in their mindset even if they do not own a business.”

“You mean that even if they are employees, they can be entrepreneurial?” the visitor asked.

“That is right Mr. Rivero,” I said.

“Call me George.”

“There is even a name for the entrepreneurial employee…” I said.

“I think they call them ‘intra-preneur,'” George interrupted.

“Yes,” I said. “The intra-preneur has a sense of ownership in the vision and the progress of the enterprise as a whole. His concern is similar to that of the business owner, sometimes more.”

“Jake told me much about you, coach,” he said.

“How is he doing?” I asked.

“That is why I am here,” George said. “I am impressed.”

“Glad that he found  a place where he can shine,” I said.

“I am here because I am curious,” George said.


“Jake told me about how he experienced slow, but steady transformation,” George said.  “He claims that he could not have done it without you.”

“I help people and organizations reach their goals,” I said, “I guide.  I catalyze.  But the real work belongs to the one who has the goal.”

“I understand, “George said.  “You are going to say that it was really Jake who worked hard at his improvement.  But I do believe him when he said that having an effective entrepreneur coach is very beneficial.”

“So, how may I help you, George,” I asked.

“Coach me,” he said.

“In what area?”

“In leading and managing my company.”

“You are into service, right?” I asked.

“Consulting,” George said.  “We are into business consulting.”

“Jake told me that much,” I said. “Aren’t you also into training?”

“Yes we are,” he said. “I started in training but the consulting is the bigger business now.”

“What is the focus?”

“For training, we are focused on the middle managers,” he said. “For consulting, we focus on marketing.”

“How many people? How many managers?”

“Twenty-nine people,” he said. “Four managers.”

“What would be the goal of our coaching?” I asked.

“Help me grow the business.”

“Yes I can do that,” I said, “but that sounds broad.”

“Like I said, leadership and management,” George said.

“That is still broad.”

“Coach me to become a better team leader.  And give me direct feedback on my strategies.”

“I see.”

“Help me duplicate myself in others,” George said.

“Let us start with team leadership to make it more focused,” I said.  “But we will also discuss strategy.”

“Great.  How much for a weekly session?”

“I will email the quotation to you.”

“Will I be surprised?”

“You believe in value for money, right?”


“Then you will not be surprised.”

“Can you give me a range?”

“If I help double your company, no, if I help quadruple it, how much are you willing to pay?” I asked.

George was silent.

“My fees will be fair and proportional.  I will need more info on your company and its performance for the past three years.  I will then email a proposal with regard to the fees,” I said.

“When may I start?” he asked.

“If you sign the proposal this week, then we can start on Monday, 4pm” I said.

“I’ll see you Monday.”

“Thanks for the visit George.”

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