The high value employee

April 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Coach, may we discuss about the high value employee?”

“Sure George,” I said.  “Why do you want to discuss this?”

“I want to compare notes with you.”

“What in particular do you wish to discuss?”

“How can you tell if the one you are hiring will be a high value employee?” he said.

“There is really no way of telling,” I replied.  “You have to test them out.”

“How long?”

“There is no simple answer,” I said.

“Is it because some take longer to develop?” he asked.

“Yes, therefore, the question is on you,” I said.  “Do you mind working with someone who takes time to learn?”

“If he becomes a superstar, I do not mind,” he said.  “But then, I cannot tell.”

“Best is to make a definition or description of the high value employee,” I said.

“I know what you’ll say,” he asked.  “I have to define it.”

“Yes you should,” I replied, “but it has also been partially defined for us by others.”

“What do you mean others?” he asked.

“Others mean what is commonly known as  minimum expectation.”

“Oh you mean like character and competence,” he mentioned.


“You’re the business coach,” he said.  “What is your perspective?”

“There are several qualities that I look for,” I said.  “First is the 3 Cs.”

“3 Cs?”

“Character, competence and concern,” I said.

“That sounds logical,” he said. “By concern, you mean concern for the company?”


“What else?” George asked.

“Self-managing,” I said.  “They should work well without me.”

“Sounds good,” he said.  “I heard that the best test for your people is to see how they work in your absence.”

“The statement has a point,” I said. “But it works both ways.”

“That is also the leader’s test.”

“Yes it is,” George affirmed.  “If the leader chose the right people, and if the people were trained well…”

“Any which way, the leader must correct it,” I said.  “Either the leader changes his approach or change his employee.”

“Aside from self-managing,” George asked, “what else makes a high value employee?”

“Self-learning, self correcting, aligned, passionate,  a good team player,” I said.  “Organizing skills, respectful…”

“That’s a lot.”

“That is why it is called high value,” I replied.  “Low values are found everywhere, high value players are rare.”

“Let us discuss this further next week,” he said.

“Sure,” I replied as I hung up the phone.


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