Business Coach

I believe the fastest, with best results for positive change comes from the top.  That is why our approach to business coaching is to begin from the top guy, the most responsible, with the most authority.

Our company prefers entrepreneurs who want to make the leap in terms of growth.  If your goal is to make 10x or even more, then we might be able to work together.

My coaching term is a minimum of one year but can last up to 5 years, maybe more, depending on the project/s.

If interested, please contact me: or

If you are not here to partner with a business coach, please feel free to enjoy this blog, invite me as a speaker or attend some of my public seminars.

My location is Metro Manila Philippines.

Best practice in entrepreneur coaching is face-to-face.


§ 2 Responses to Business Coach

  • Marlon Dela Cruz says:

    I was able to hear you speak in a Gonegosyo seminar and I was really amazed. I’d like to be coach by you, Mr. Ed cause I think I will go along way if someone like you would teach the right way to reach my goals cause I’m preoccupied of a lot of ideas and strategies. Thanks and God bless.

    • Hi Marlon, if you are interested to be coached, please send me your professional profile and personal profile so I can get to know you better. You may check my email from this site. Thank you.

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