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More than Theory

“Ed has a way of making you see and fully concretize things beyond hype and theory. His generosity in sharing his very own personal success experiences and first-hand failures intrinsically challenge and compel you to take action, level-up and bring your own ideas and concepts into reality. These, we believe separate him from any other motivational gurus.”

-Jun and Vicki Arioder
Business Owners
Fastprep Inc. &
The Learning Place


Dealing with the Past, Moving Forward

James V. Day

Hi. I am James Day. A Mechanical Engineer and businessman by profession. Allow me to share my wonderful experience and encounter with Ed Pilapil Jr.

I met Ed Pilapil Jr. in 2005. I knew him before for his effective motivational speaking but not yet as a personal coach. That time I was at the lowest point of my career and personal life. While I am a person of multi talent and much passion for excellence, I had a series of successes and failures. It was frustrating.

Imagine all the effort you put in to establish yourself only to lose everything in an instant. What a waste of time and resource. Now, I realize that I could have simply avoided all these had I sought the council of a wise man like Ed Pilapil Jr.

Like an athlete, I have blind spots. I have bad habits and personal issues that needs correction. I was stubborn though to believe that everything was alright. It was a sure formula for failure. What was my problem? A lot.

I picked up a lot of wrong values and habits from my childhood. Moreover, I realized that I had a lot of hurts and hang ups, unfinished businesses so to say. Who doesn’t? We all have one way or the other. These problems led me to make wrong decision and choices in life. It also adversely affected any relationship that I may establish in my personal life and career.

After two years, I have recovered quickly from my failures and Ed Pilapil Jr. was the key. How did he do it? He listened, he gave feedback, and he referred me to people who could help me. After much consultation and regular coaching, I was able to deal with my past, undergo healing, break my bad habits, and gain new perspective in life.

The first year was the hardest as I had to unlearn many things, break away from my routine and learn new ways of doing things. Surely, Ed Pilapil Jr. was patient, understanding and inspiring. What did it take for me to reform? All I needed was an open mind, a willing heart and a teachable attitude. Today, I am happy to tell you that I have reestablished my business, reconciled with friends and partners, and rebuilt relationships with my siblings. What have I learned from all this?

Firstly, it is of utmost importance to truly know yourself, your strength and weaknesses. This is the first step to progress. But, the process can be made easier and with minimal loss if you have a coach to point this out to you. Secondly, understand the people around you and sincerely care for them.

It is only after you have established peace and harmony with the people around you that you will be able to maximize productivity and promote success for everybody. Coaching is contagious. Now, after many sessions with Ed, I too have learned the skill to coach other people as well. Influencing people in business, family and community has becomes much easier.

With the help of God, now I am ready to accomplish even greater things. To my coach and my friend, Ed, thank you for everything that you have taught me.

James V. Day
Engr. & Businessman

Better Marriage and Business through Coaching

Edwin & Analyn Pages

We met Coach Ed more than 20 years ago. Our marriage relationship was not stable, we fought almost three times a week. Dean Misajon, an acquaintance of ours introduced us to Coach Ed.

He obviously saw that we needed spiritual foundations. We met with him regularly to learn. We both saw God’s design for marriage. We did our best to follow it. It was no easy road though. Several years passed before we were able to say that our marriage was doing well. But the good thing was, we understood the principles that must be followed.

We used to run the most successful restaurant in our town, Los Banos. The secret was simple: good location, TV, and beer. But we sensed that it was time for a change of career because we felt bad when men go home to their families’ drunk. We had our sights on real estate.

Coach Ed introduced us to the people who could help give us the training and exposure. In the mid-nineties, we decided to put up our own real estate agency. It was Coach Ed who gave us a simple but powerful suggestion.

He told us to clearly define the vision and to post it in our office where everyone can see it. He said that it had a biblical foundation in Habakkuk.

The effect in our team was positive. Everyone knew our direction and it kept our team motivated especially us. As a couple we stayed the course.

We had to admit that we swerved from our main purpose a couple of times. But the vision to be an excellent real estate company in the area always brought us back. Through much faith and works, we are happy that the company is doing better than expected.

We asked Coach Ed to help us again, this time for both our Internet marketing business and to help analyze our company. Our web site has been attracting 12,000 unique visitors per month but Coach Ed believes we can do more. He saw that we were only applying a few strategies. He believed that if we applied 5 or more strategies, we can easily double our income.

Our whole team is happy with Coach Ed on board. One of our partners said that he sees Coach Ed as one of the best motivational speakers in the Philippines. The whole team is always motivated after a talk from Coach Ed.

Edwin and Analyn Pages
Philrealty Global Marketing


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